Theatre N

Theatre N is a unique movie theatre in Wilmington, Delaware.  Their business relies on putting out information about upcoming movie showings. Two of the ways that they accomplish this is with a monthly program booklet printed and passed out to their customers and with their website showing up-to-date showtimes.  Before we got involved, this was a time consuming process done manually in Adobe InDesign (for the handout) or using a CMS (for the website) that required technical skill.

Website Integration

We integrated their existing website design with a new Airtable base. Allowing them to just keep up an Airtable database with showtimes and details that automatically updates to great looking content on their website.

Weekly Handout

We then created an HTML page with print CSS styles to exactly mirror what they had been doing in InDesign, and then created a custom plugin to send that page to a service and receive it back as a PDF - rendering the creation of this monthly program almost automatic and saving the client multiple man-hours every week while insuring consistency.