PGA Tour Superstore

PGA Tour Superstore is a chain of over thirty Golf and Tennis stores located all around the country.  These aren’t your typical golf shops, they are nearly the size of a Home Depot or Lowes and they have everything.  Keeping that many stores with that many square feet up to standards is a difficult task and they contracted us to build them a custom web app for their management team.

The managers were using long paper forms to track store performance.  With our tool, their regional managers can walk through stores with iPads checking to make sure their stores match the corporate guidelines.  The web forms do things paper forms could never do - like photos and rating systems, always-up-to-date and available corporate guidelines and the ability to instantly send results and todos to all stakeholders.

All of the data is updated in Airtable and the corporate office is now getting lots of usable data on all of their stores as soon as it is available and can easily update guidelines and make available in real time.