Our Team

Ryan Hayden

Project Management

Ryan has been designing websites since his junior year of college (2004) and is in love with Airtable and app design. When he isn't writing code or designing apps he serves in his local church and spends time with his wife and three awesome kids. He also helps coach a swim team and occasionally runs triathlons and marathons.

Estevan Montoya

Design and Markup

Estevan has been coding and designing websites since college both for local design firms in his native New Mexico and as a freelancer. He is a devoted family man, father of three, hunter and photographer.

Chirag Parekh


Chirag is a development rockstar who has been coding for nearly 10 years. He has extensive experience in Laravel (a PHP framework) and Vue (a javascript framework) and loves seeing smaller projects to completion. When not coding, Chirag enjoys his family, motorcycles and following sports.

Our Story

Ryan tried to start a company making a custom CMS and templates for churches. In the process, he discovered Airtable and starting using it for everything, including web development. After some blog and forum posts, people started contacting him for help with Airtable based projects and he decided to start a company focusing on using Airtable to create custom software for companies.

Ryan had worked with dozens of developers but enjoyed working with Chirag more than any of them. He asked Chirag to be our first full time employee and he's been the operational mind behind Row and Table since day one.

As our workload increased, Ryan decided that it was best for our company to step away from coding and focus on project management and client interaction so he brought on Estevan, a friend from previous projects he had done, as our second employee to do much of the work he was doing.

We stay very busy. We've been at this for less than a year - but we've seen steady growth every month and receive calls from prospective clients nearly every day. We can forsee our small team doubling and even tripling in the next year. If you would like us to help you with your project, please contact us today.